Release Date : April 2011


One of the world's most respected and established automotive manufacturers has enhanced a major component washing process as the direct result of installing an Aqua-Save system.

The unit, an Aqua-Save 30, has maximised the use of a washing machine through which some 6,000 petrol and diesel engines are processed each week.

The Aqua-Save evaporation process keeps the wash solution clean allowing extensive water re-usage with only minimal volumes of waste then requiring further handling or disposal. The ability of the system to help maximise production effectiveness in this way goes to the heart of Honda's reputation, not least its commitment to the highest levels of production quality, whilst also bringing significant environmental benefits to the manufacturer. Before the Aqua-Save unit was installed, Honda had to undertake weekly changes of the wash solution. Disposing of the 1,500 litre wash tank volume required four hours labour time to handle with the machine being non-operational for that period. These issues which have now been almost entirely offset by the installation of the Aqua-Save unit, which to date has allowed the washing machine to run continuously for more than 10 weeks without loss of cleaning performance.

"This is a major facility for Honda and one within which the full range of Civic and CR-V engines are produced" comments Aqua-Save Technologies' Divisional Manager, Paul Jarratt. "The company's reputation for reliability is well-established in a highly competitive global market whilst pressures relating to processing efficiency and environmental commitment are also at the heart of its track record.

"We are therefore delighted that the Aqua-Save 30 has played a key role in this manufacturing process and helped such a prestigious organisation maintain the highest production standards,"he concludes.

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