Release Date : May 2011


Waste water treatment specialist, Aqua-Save Technologies – the dedicated division of component cleaning specialists MecWash Systems Ltd. – has recently installed an Aqua-Save Junior system, which is now helping West Yorkshire-based heat treatment specialists, Keighley Laboratories Ltd. meet production efficiency and environmental objectives.

The move has enhanced the performance of the company's aqueous based component cleaning systems by substantially reducing down time for emptying and replenishing the wash machines, and enabling recycling of the wash solution. This dramatically reduces the volume of waste solution for disposal off-site. According to David Wright, Production Manager at Keighley Laboratories, the water re-usage that results has both helped the organisation maintain its high environmental standards and reduce its disposal expenditure.

The Aqua-Save Junior is a highly versatile, mobile waste water treatment system that can be operated in a number of locations around a factory or engineering facility. The machine uses evaporation to process a range of waste waters – from machining coolants and wash solutions through to floor scrubbings and compressor condensate – separating water from material for disposal.

"Typically only 5% of the original solution volume then needs to be removed from site with the rest available either for re-use or, with appropriate permissions, discharge to drain," comments Alan Atkinson, Sales Manager at Aqua-Save Technologies. "No larger than a four-drawer filing cabinet and mounted on a wheeled frame, the new Aqua-Save Junior is easily relocated and can process up to 15 litres of waste solution per hour, making it ideal for a range of operations in a production environment."

Aqua-Save Technologies also points out that, in some cases, operational costs may be further enhanced because users of Aqua-Save systems can qualify for the government's Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. This sees businesses that invest in products and technologies that encourage sustainable water use potentially benefiting from significant financial incentives.

"Because the Aqua-Save concept helps to maximise environmental credentials it represents benefits which themselves can often be a key consideration in our customers' tendering processes," continues Alan Atkinson. He points out that the installation at Keighley Laboratories is now the latest in a long list of installations of the Aqua-Save Junior and its larger stablemate, the Aqua-Save 30.

"The Aqua-Save Junior has been operational for more than six months now and during this time there has been no requirement to empty the 1500 litre capacity wash tank within the aqueous washer," adds Keighley Laboratories' David Wright. "Importantly, it has also helped us to take further steps towards satisfying our commitment to waste recycling and environmental responsibility."

An Aqua-Save Junior from Aqua-Save Technologies – the design is helping Keighley Laboratories meet production efficiency and environmental objectives.

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