Release Date : May 2012


An Aqua-Save waste water recycling system is helping a leading engineering company, Walker Precision Engineering Ltd., to optimise the management and disposal of its machining coolant solution. The recycling system manufactured by Aqua-Save Technologies, a division of MecWash Systems Ltd., has dramatically cut the need for large quantity disposal of machining coolant via road tankers with a consequent reduction in handling and transport costs whilst enhancing manufacturing procedures.

"We undertake a range of machining duties at the site – predominately milling, but also turning and grinding – via some 50 operating stations, with the focus on aluminium parts," comments John Strawbridge, Design Manager at the company's premises in Glasgow. "Necessarily, this produces a significant volume of machining coolant, which previously we had transferred to approximately 20 IBC's located at the site. When full, these were removed via a specialist tanker service. The use now of an Aqua-Save Junior means that we can separate material for disposal from solution that can be safely tipped to drain. As a result, we estimate a reduction of some 90% in disposal volume."

The Aqua-Save Junior operates via a process of evaporation and can process up to 15 litres of water per hour. It links directly into a vessel that collects the reduced volume of concentrated waste for offsite disposal, with the remainder then clear for re-use or drain disposal. The company has also opted to use a pre-heat facility which operates alongside the Aqua-Save and which elevates the temperature of the wash solution to optimise the separation process. Importantly, both units are mounted on castors so, if required, can be re-positioned to meet operational needs anywhere on site.

"Apart from operational benefits, the installation clearly enhances Walker Precision's environmental credentials. This has been a key factor behind the success that the company has enjoyed for a number of years," comments John Pattison, Managing Director of MecWash Systems and Aqua-Save Technologies, who also points out that the option to re-use the separated water is a further potential benefit that Walker Precision may consider in the future.

"With successful track records in a range of industries, including defence, telecommunications and aerospace – where precision engineering is clearly critical – the importance of the company's machining capabilities is self evident," continues John Pattison. "The Aqua-Save concept was designed to handle the inevitable waste material that is produced by the type of processes it undertakes, and has been proven to be an important addition to the company's manufacturing and environmental capability."

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