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Calculator Example

Cost per week
1000 litres of fresh water per week to top up coolant   £1.00
Cost of disposal/effluent at 15p per litre plus Tanker charge at £300 per visit, based on 10,000 litres being taken away every 10 weeks.   £150.00
Cost per week   £151.00
Aqua-Save Power Usage    
Heaters:   9.0kW
Pump:   1.3kW
Controls:   0.4KW
Total Power:     10.7kW
Aqua-Save Junior    
Processed water output per hour   12.5 litres
Cost of electricity usage per hour (off-peak)   £0.64
Cost per litre of processed water   £0.05
Using Aqua-Save per week
KW/HR   £50.00
Disposal cost   £9.00
Weekly cost savings   £92.00
SAVING per year on 42 week year   £3,868.00

Waste Coolant Treatment

Manufacturers everywhere will recognise that off-site waste disposal costs can be considerable and Legislation in the form of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive (IPPC) has sharpened the focus for companies to dispose of their waste in a more environmentally way.

Recycling Pays

The Aqua-Save solution is to treat, recover and reuse waste water within the user's own premises, thereby removing the high cost and inconvenience of off-site disposal. The only effluent resulting from the Aqua-Save is a concentrated oily waste that typically represents less than 5% of the original volume.

  • Environmentally friendly, virtually eliminating waste disposal
  • Compact system, requiring minimal floor space
  • Fully automatic operation with PLC control
  • Media and chemical free treatment system - no chemical additives or filter membranes required
  • Enclosed system - no fumes or vapours
  • Elimination of waste water, leaving only oily concentrates for disposal
  • Concentration of a wide range of aqueous solutions including:
    • Acid and alkaline cleaners
    • Oil emulsions
    • Machining coolants
    • Dye-penetrant solutions
    • Maintenance cleaners
    • Other process solutions

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