Calculator Example

Cost per week
500 litres of fresh water per week   £0.50
kW/hr to heat the extra water per week 18kW for 3hrs at 6p per kW hr (off-peak)   £3.24
Labour cost to empty & refill a wash tank 5 hrs at £17.50 per hour   £87.50
Cost of disposal/effluent discharge at 12p per litre   £60.00
Cost per week   £151.24
Aqua-Save Power Usage    
Heaters:   9.0kW
Pump:   1.3kW
Controls:   0.4KW
Total Power:     10.7kW
Aqua-Save Junior    
Processed water output per hour   12.5 litres
Cost of electricity usage per hour (off-peak)   £0.64
Cost per litre of processed water   £0.05
Using Aqua-Save per week
KW/HR   £24.64
Disposal cost   £3.00
Weekly cost savings   £123.60
SAVING per year on 42 week year   £6,180.00

Wash Water Recycling

The Aqua-Save system can be added to any aqueous wash system to maintain solution cleanliness and washing performance, reduce machine downtime, minimise effluent disposal and save money.

For attachment to aqueous parts washing equipment

Effluent from wash systems creates production downtime, incurs high labour costs to dump, clean and refill process tanks, demands high energy costs to reheat the solutions and incurs a high disposal cost, which in some cases requires storing the effluent in containers for collection by a contract disposal company.

The Aqua-Save system continuously recovers and re-uses the wash water in parts cleaning systems. The need for disposal is significantly reduced. Water quality is maintained throughout production ensuring that parts exit the system in a clean condition, without contamination with oily residues. The only effluent resulting from the system is a concentrated waste, consisting of the oils washed from dirty components, which represents typically less than 5% of the total water volume.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removal of free and emulsified oils from the wash and rinse solutions
  • Continuous recovery and re-use of wash and rinse water
  • Significant water, energy, labour and chemical cost savings
  • Environmentally friendly, substantial reduction in waste disposal
  • Maintains continuous production and eliminates system downtime
  • Maintains solution quality and wash performance
  • Compact system, requiring minimal floor space
  • Fully automatic operation with PLC control
  • Can be fitted to all aqueous parts washing systems
  • Media and chemical free treatment system - no chemical additives or filter membranes required
  • Enclosed system - no fumes or vapours

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